Our Mission

Because of Hope's mission is to sustainably empower widows and orphans in Uganda.

Our mission is to sustainably empower widows and orphans living in Uganda.


The cost of living for an average family in rural Uganda is about $50/month. Most of these women manage an average of $5.50/month.

Women in rural Uganda suffer from tradition of men taking multiple wives. When these men cannot financially support the resulting families, they abandon these women, leaving them to care for an average of six children. 

What We Do

We are dedicated to helping these women close that gap in three rural villages outside of Jinja, Uganda .

To us, sustainable empowerment means that these women can use their own intellect, resources, and community to make the necessary, positive changes to fully care for their families.

We don’t believe in handouts or quick fixes. We do believe that true and lasting change comes from sweet partnership and friendship over time. We ask the women for their expert opinion and together, we problem-solve. These questions and joint problem solving have led to BOH’s three programs.


  • BEADS PROJECT: Offers the women income & community. Much of their earnings go to providing basic home necessities like soap, shoes, and cooking fuel.
  • BOH STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (BSSP): Provides priceless education for these women's children.
  • AGRICULTURE PROGRAM: Teaches the women how to farm for increased and dependable crop yields. With these crops, they can feed their families & sell surplus.

Who makes this possible?

People like you! When you donate or purchase BOH jewelry, 100% of the proceeds go to funding these programs and makes all the difference to these women and their children! 

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