Homeward Bound

There’s something about stepping off that plane that I will never forget…the warm air hitting my face; the smell of a charcoal fire burning from a nearby home; the relief of arriving after a long journey; the feeling of familiarity; and the joyful sense of arriving home.  People often ask, "How long is the trip to Uganda?" But while it is a long journey, that is never what I remember about the trip.  It is the smiles...the people...the memories of being in a place that feels familiar, a place where I feel at home.

It is the smell of rice cooking for dinner; it is the calm of a fresh morning; it is sitting in the shade of the trees at Muwanguzi’s house; it is the thankfulness of seeing the women’s progress in their gardens; it is the comfort of tea time; it is the self-confidence in the women when they show me their pigs; it is the welcome greetings; it is the refreshment of a cold shower after a hot, dusty day; it is the laughs of coworkers as we sit and share a jackfruit; it is the relationships that make every trip to Uganda special. 

Namulinda Aidah, a talented beader, a great mother, and an incredible woman.

Nothing we do as an organization will amount to much without relationship.  Our women are the reason that BOH exists and it is only out of truly knowing them and spending time with them that we can begin to do anything of value. We are an organization that is blessed to work with incredible women, who are strong, resilient, hardworking, determined, independent, and inspirational.  They have loved me and accepted me as their own, and they have changed my life.  People say that BOH is a blessing, and while I hope and pray this is always true, I think I am even more blessed to work with our women.  I don’t keep going back to Uganda for fun or even because it’s my job.  I go because of our women.  Once you know them, you can’t forget them.  My heart is now part Musoga, and for that, I will always be thankful.

And as I prepare to go back to Uganda in a few weeks, these are the things I look forward to.  It’s not just another long journey to Africa. It is a trip to people I love. And that makes even the longest of journeys worth it! 

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With love,



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  • Norm

    So glad to see all those smiling faces, to see your love smiling with you as he takes the selfie, and to hear about your trips and the people that are your sacraments.

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