Agriculture Program

Agriculture Program: empowering families through farming

What is the Agriculture Program?

The Agriculture Program provides training for consistent and increased crop yields for rural women in Uganda. These crops provide food and additional income for families.


After establishing our scholarship program (BSSP) in 2013, we asked the women what business ideas they were interested in pursuing. Many wonderful ideas were based on selling crops - the only issue was that crop yields were often small and inconsistent. To overcome this hurdle, the women decided to try different methods taught by the curriculum Farming God’s Way. These methods are tailored for farming in Africa and include planting, fertilizing, and maintenance techniques.


Since the Agriculture Program’s inception in 2015, the women have found Farming God’s Way methods significantly more effective than traditional farming methods! After their first trial planting, the women harvested 5-10 times more crops than they usually do with traditional methods! Subsequent harvests have also consistently proven higher than traditional methods.

With more food, and the income opportunity provided by selling the surplus, these families can depend on increased and stable sustenance.

Support these women in their effort to provide for their families by purchasing from our shop! All proceeds from your purchase go to maintain this and our other two programs.

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