Our Team

BOH is in partnership with a Ugandan NGO, WOCAP. Our team at BOH works very closely with WOCAP staff to make our programs possible and we're thankful for this teamwork! Want to say hello? Drop us a line on our Contact Us page. 

BOH Staff (US)

Natalie Ruiz, Executive Director

Natalie Ruiz

Responsibilities: Co-Founder, oversees operations in U.S. and Uganda.
Background: BOH Co-Founder, bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.
What she loves: Natalie’s favorite part of her job is program development in Uganda. She also enjoys creating her own recipes, running on the beach, and listening to her favorite songs on repeat.  

Clarissa Lim, Administrative Assistant

Clarissa Lim

Responsibilities: A master at numbers, Clarissa oversees everything from spreadsheets to graphic design.
Background: Bachelor's degree in Financial Math from UC Santa Barbara.
What she loves: Clarissa loves being creative and enjoys the diversity of her tasks at BOH. She makes a mean banana bread and could show you a thing or two on the dance floor.  

WOCAP Staff (Uganda)

Amede Cathie, BSSP Uganda Advisor

Amede Cathie

Responsibilities: Cathie oversees BSSP coaches in mentoring our students in Uganda. She is also a leader to the women as a Board member of WOCAP.
Background: Secondary education teacher and Co-Founder of WOCAP. 
What she loves: Her favorite part of her job is visiting the children at school and guiding them towards their futures. She has two children and is a wonderful mother and great cook!  

Auma Martha, BSSP Coach

Auma Martha

Responsibilities: BOH Coach for BSSP, Martha works diligently to ensure our students succeed in their courses.
Background: Bachelor's degree in Education from Makerere University.
What she loves: Martha was a BSSP graduate and now desires to empower other young children to thrive and have a better future.  

Okwalinga Emmanuel, Beads Project Advisor


Responsibilities: Emma helps coordinate and oversee jewelry making with the women. 
Background: Emma has his degree in Art.
What he loves: Emma enjoys traveling to places, dancing, and listening to hip-hop, R&B, Afro beats and reggae. He was once caught jamming to Justin Bieber, but he claims it was “just on the radio”.  


Tigatoola Henry, Agriculture Advisor

Tigatoola HenryResponsibilities: As the advisor of the Agriculture program, Henry regularly meets with women in their fields to help them improve their farming.
Background: Henry was an Agriculture Teacher in a local secondary school and has extensive experience in farming.
What he loves: Henry’s farming expertise has continued to grow and he is passionate about teaching others so they can succeed in farming.  

Kitimbo Christopher, Agriculture Advisor

Responsibilities: Christopher works with the women to create and execute new avenues of generating income. 
Background: Makerere University graduate with a bachelor's in Development Studies.
What he loves: Christopher came up through BOH's Student Scholarship Program (BSSP), and loves using the education he's received to build up the community he grew up in.

In Loving Memory

Ndhaye Ahmed, Former Beads Project Advisor

Ndhaye Ahamed

Responsibilities: Ahmed coordinated and organized the women in their jewelry making and mentored/encouraged them to thrive in all aspects of life.
Background: Ahmed had an extensive background in business and sales. He loved working with the women and the other staff members and he was loved by everyone in our organization. Sadly, he passed away in December 2022. He is deeply missed and will always be remembered. 


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