Woman rolling paper beads.

What is the jewelry made out of?

BOH jewelry is made out of handmade paper beads, glass beads, fishline, and wire. Learn more about our Beads Project.

How do the women make the beads?

The women take a small triangular piece of paper and roll it until it makes a bead! Then they glue down the end and varnish it with other beads on long strands which then dry in the sun. After a few coats of protective varnish, the women string the beads into the designs you see in our shop!

What do the proceeds go to?

All proceeds from sales and donations go to maintain and grow our programs in Uganda. If you’re into numbers, you can check out the Annual Reports on our Financials page.

What percent of my jewelry purchase goes back to the women?

100%! All of the proceeds from jewelry sales go back to the women in one of two ways: 1. The women receive payment for the jewelry they produce. This income directly helps them support their families. 2. Any gross profit earned from selling the jewelry in the U.S. helps fund programs that directly effect the women and their families. To learn more about our programs and what we do, please visit our Mission page. Thank you for caring about where your money goes! 

Can I host a jewelry party at my home?

Yes! We love partnering with you in this way! This is a huge help to our organization and it's a great way to spread the word about sustainable empowerment and these inspirational women! Contact us below.

Where do the women live? What is it like?

The women live in three remote villages outside of Jinja, Uganda. Most of the women live in homes made out of dirt bricks with a separate cooking hut nearby. Ugandans are wonderfully friendly and hospitable people who love to celebrate, tease, and spend quality time with friends and family… especially if it involves good food!

Where do the BSSP students go to school?

We desire to support local institutions already offering quality education. Most of our students are in private boarding schools near home. This way, our students can focus on their studies and our coaches are able to meet with them after classes for tutoring.

Do you do speaking engagements?

Yes! We've done everything from public news broadcasts to MOPs. Inquire below!

Do you offer internships?

Yes! Most of our interns need to live in the Santa Barbara, CA area where we are based. Ask for an application below.

I want to help but I don’t wear jewelry…?

No worries! You can still help for global empowerment! Here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer your skills (Photography? Video? Design? SEO genius?)
  • Sign up for our newsletter (bottom of our Home page)
  • Follow us on Social Media - the more you like & share our posts, the further our posts will go and more people will hear about our mission!
  • Donate to support our programs
  • Inquire into giving to staff fundraising
  • Apply for an internship
  • Host a home jewelry party
  • Got your own idea? Let us know! Fill out the contact form below.
  • Pursue your own passions and know you CAN make a difference!

Can I volunteer with you in Uganda?

We love your desire to further global empowerment! Currently, we have limited need for volunteers. However we are looking to fill several intern roles. Contact us below for further details. 

Do you do returns/exchanges?

Yes, as long as the product is in original condition and it is returned within 30 days of purchase. You’ll pay for shipping and we’ll refund your purchase. Contact us below for return inquiries. 

Thanks for your interest in Because of Hope! Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.