Beads Project

Beads Project: Empowering women through income.

What is the Beads Project?

The Beads Project provides a source of income for widows in rural Uganda.

Our women gather weekly to make beads rolled out of paper - yes, paper! - which are then varnished and strung into the beautiful designs you see in our shop. All our products are made by these women, and 100% of the proceeds go back to funding this and our other programs.


The cost of living for the average rural Ugandan family is about $50/month. Because income earning opportunities are rare, these women typically manage only about $5.50/month. The Beads Project offers a source of income to close this gap!


Most of the women use their beading money to provide home necessities for their families. In this area of Uganda, this is a significant indicator of a woman’s financial stability.

Not only this, but to be able to provide soap, sugar, clothing, school fees, and other necessities strengthens self-assurance and efficacy! Join with these women in their effort to provide for their families by purchasing from our shop!

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Meet the Women

These are the women who make the jewelry you see in our shop! They live in three different villages; hover or click on their pictures to see which villages they call home!

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