Beads Project

The Beads Project provides a source of income for widows in rural Uganda. 

Our women are talented artisans and the Beads Project helps them provide for their families. Skilled in making paper beads, our women turn strips of paper into beautiful jewelry. Our unique products are made by these incredible women and 100% of the proceeds go back to funding programs that benefit them and their families. When you purchase BOH products, you empower these women and support their livelihood!

In 2022, the Beads Project provided income to 47 women.

How are paper beads made?

Our women gather regularly to make paper beads. By rolling triangular strips of paper around a small stick, the women carefully form beads, which are varnished and strung into the beautiful designs you see in our shop. This task is tedious but the women are talented and skillful. When you shop BOH, you support these women in their craft.