Our Mission

Our mission is to sustainably empower widows and orphans living in Uganda.

In 2009, we met an inspirational group of women in Uganda who made jewelry out of paper. Most of them had been widowed due to death or abandonment, and on average, they were looking after six children. With few job opportunities and little support, these women struggled to provide for their families. Yet despite this, they had incredible hope! For most of them, their hope was in Jesus, who they trusted would provide. Inspired by this hope, we named our organization Because of Hope.

In 2011, we started operations to partner with WOCAP, the Ugandan NGO the women were part of. Since then, we have helped their Beads Project grow, have started a scholarship program for the women’s children, and have launched five agriculture projects.  We believe in empowerment, and we work to create sustainable opportunities for the women to provide for their families.