BOH Student Scholarship Program


BSSP provides education to help children break out of the cycle of poverty.

Education in Uganda is not free and often requires books, uniforms, boarding supplies, and school fees. Many families cannot afford these costs and the result is many children are unable to attend school. In 2013, we established BSSP as a means to make education possible for the children of the women we partner with!

BSSP has offered over 300 annual scholarships and currently supports 16 students.

Students on scholarship with BSSP get the support they need to thrive. Not only do we pay school fees and provide scholastic materials, but our students also have the support of a BOH coach to tutor and mentor them. Through BSSP, students have the support system they need to receive a quality education and overcome poverty. 

Our hope is to raise up educated, beloved Ugandan children who can empower their families, communities, and even their nation.

In Their Words   

BOH Student Scholarship Program University Student, Leah

"BSSP has been encouraging me in all ways in order not to lose hope in my studies & to be focused during the lockdown [COVID-19]."

-Leah, University Student

BOH Student Scholarship Program University Graduate, Paul

"I thank you for the help & support you gave me during my time at university & the monthly support of meals during the lockdown [COVID-19] when I could not work."

-Paul, University Graduate