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Empowerment Obstacles (how to deal)

Besides planting the actual seeds, this mulch "blanket" is perhaps the most essential part of the planting process, sometimes making the difference between a low and plentiful harvest. The trick? Finding the dried leaves to make it. Luckily, there is one crop that drops heaps of dried leaves and there's plenty of it around, even neighboring many of the women’s gardens! Unfortunately, it comes at a price. So how much is too much?   

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School in Uganda: The Good, Bad, and the Sort-of-Less-Ugly

Muwanguzi and her children live in a rural Ugandan village forty minutes from the nearest town. Here in Bubugo village, attending school above Primary 7 (the American equivalent of 7th grade), or even regularly attending school at all, is rare. Studies show that 68% of Ugandan students are likely to drop out before even completing primary school (Mwesigwa).  Why, 20 years after primary education, and 10 years after secondary education, was made free, is finishing primary school a rarity, rather than the norm? This is a look into the Ugandan school system and what makes it the way it is today.  

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Why Pua is Better than Heihei (further proof)

Or: Why Empowerment is a 'Pig' Deal That chicken is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,” was my first reaction after finishing Disney’s Moana. I think I’m not alone there. My second reaction: PUA THE PIG IS SO CUTE I NEED ONE. Anyone else?? With time, I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t roll around town with my very own Pua sidekick (apartment managers don’t encourage pig rearing, apparently). Nevertheless, over the last few months my pig knowledge has increased exponentially, and not because of Moana. © Walt Disney Pictures, Moana, 2016  My new knowledge stems from the fact that the women we partner with in Uganda have a new project: pig rearing! During Natalie’s January 2017 trip to Uganda, the...

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