Why BOH Loves Moms

Mother's Day at BOH!


Most of the 83 women we partner with in Uganda are MOMS!

Not only are they moms, most are also single parents/grandparents with an average of 6 children under their wing. Needless to say, these women are strong heads-of-households that inspire both us at BOH and the children they care for. As one BSSP student, Christopher, writes in his yearbook statement:

Generally, what I hope to do when I am done with my studies is to look for a job and struggle to construct a house for my grandmother before I focus on my own life because she had for so long been there for me yet she had no money.”

Need we say more?? (psst...You can read more quotes on our BSSP page!)

Even struggling against cycle of poverty, these women are determined to care for their families and give their children the best. When we surveyed these women in 2012, a majority responded that one of their greatest desires was to to see their children in school. In Uganda, education is not free and therefore many single mothers are financially unable to send their children to school! This did not stop these mom’s from keeping it top of their priority list, though. Inspired by their determination (and being totally on board with this desire) we started the BOH Student Scholarship Program. As of this year, 200 scholarships have been offered to these women’s kiddos!

Currently, we have 34 students on scholarship. While they’re in school, their moms are busy farming or creating the bead jewelry you see in our shop! Each piece of jewelry represents the freedom and empowerment brought to these women and their families through their hard work and determination.

What better way to support these women than by giving one of their creations to a woman who has inspired you? Whether mom, aunt, mentor, teacher, or friend, we celebrate these women who make all the difference!

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