Agriculture Program (Old)

Agriculture Program: empowering families through farming

What is the Agriculture Program?

The Agriculture Program empowers women in Uganda with opportunities to earn income and increase the food supply of their families. 


Our women live in rural villages where they rely heavily on farming to provide for their families. However, traditional farming methods and inconsistent rainfall can lead to unpredictable harvests. Through our Chicken, Pig, Banana, Vegetable, & Crop Projects, the women learn how to maintain small businesses that diversify their income through agriculture and increase their food supply. 


In the Agriculture Program's first season in 2015, the women learned the farming methods of Farming God's Way, and as a result, they harvested 5-10 times more crops than with traditional methods. Since then, the women have started small businesses with chickens and pigs, which have significantly increased their income. Food security has also improved through our Banana Project, and vegetable gardens are providing our women with regular income. These programs work together to empower our women through diversified income and avenues for food security.  

With more food, and the income opportunity provided by selling the surplus, these families can depend on increased and stable sustenance.

Support these women in their effort to provide for their families by purchasing from our shop! All profits from your purchase go to maintain this and our other programs.

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