BOH Student Scholarship Program (Updated)

BOH Student Scholarship Program university graduate Martha & her mother at graduation.


The BOH Student Scholarship Program (BSSP) provides education to help children break out of the cycle of poverty.


Education in Uganda is not free and often requires books, uniforms, and boarding supplies in addition to school fees. Many families cannot afford these costs and the result is many children are unable to attend school. Thus, we established BSSP as a means to make education possible for the children of the women we partner with!

Since 2013, BSSP has granted over 250 scholarships & currently supports 16 students.

Students on scholarship with BSSP get the support they need to thrive. Not only do we pay school fees and provide scholastic materials, but our students also have the support of a BOH coach to tutor, mentor, and guide them. Through BSSP, students' have the support system they need to receive a quality education and overcome poverty.

Our hope is to raise up educated, beloved Ugandan children who can empower their families, communities, and even their nation. 


In Their Words

Agnes"My happiest moment with BOH is when I was put in boarding section because before I used to be a day scholar and along the way back home from school children could bully me. They used to beat me up. I almost stopped studying because of that, but now I am so happy and I enjoy studying so much and my best friends study with me." - Agnes, yearbook quote

Mary"My memorable moment is when my mother bought me my first pair of shoes. I was so happy that I hardly slept at night, because I was waking up to check on them. I couldn't wait to wear them that morning to go to school." - Mary, yearbook quote 

Violate M."You keep practicing, your voice will be good someday like that of Rihanna, don't worry. As I wrote last time, I love singing and playing netball." - Violate M., in a letter to a volunteer

Christopher"Generally, what I hope to do when I am done with my studies is to look for a job and struggle to construct a house for my grandmother before I focus on my own life because she had for so long been there for me yet she had no money. Secondly I also wish to offer services and serve my people, community, and country, providing opportunities to others who live in this kind of life that I lived in, before I met people who gave me a lovely hand in my studies." - Christopher, University Graduate  

Mariam & Azizi"I am grateful for the school assistance you are offering to my son Azizi Kimera. Within the last two terms there have been much improvement in his academic performance. Thank you very much for your support." - Mariam, Parent & Beads Project Participant

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Funding for BSSP comes primarily from donors like you! Donate specifically to BSSP to help these students continue their education!