Cielo Necklace
Cielo Necklace
Cielo necklace in White
Cielo necklaces in white
Cielo necklaces in blue, white, and red
Cielo Necklace

Cielo Necklace

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The Cielo Necklace is a single-strand necklace made by hand with 100% recycled paper beads. The Cielo Necklace is available in white and red

  • Length (clasp to lowest bead): 12"
  • Materials: Made with plastic thread, a metal clasp, and hand-rolled recycled paper beads
  • Protection: Varnished for longer-lasting shine and durability
  • Care: A little water won't hurt, but we recommend keeping this necklace out of the shower

    Your purchase further empowers the Ugandan women who made this necklace.

    Due to the handmade nature of our jewelry, each piece is a little different and may vary slightly from the photos seen here.